The story of the Easter Bunny

The story of the Easter Bunny
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Do you know the story of the Easter Bunny? Do you want to join an adventure? Read the story

Who is the Easter Bunny?

The Easter Bunny is a special friend.

 It is a magical bunny who visits us and brings surprises!

The Easter Bunny comes every Easter.

Why does the Easter Bunny bring eggs?

Eggs are a symbol of new beginnings and happiness. 

The Easter Bunny shares happiness with everyone.

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How did the Easter Bunny become part of Easter?

Long ago, people celebrated Easter with eggs and bunnies

They did it to welcome Spring

The Easter Bunny became a part of this celebration

Εveryone was very happy!

What does the Easter Bunny look like?

The Easter Bunny is a rabbit with big ears and a friendly face.

 It carries a basket filled with eggs.

The Easter Bunny gives the eggs to everyone.

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How does the Easter Bunny give the eggs?

The Easter Bunny hops around.

The Easter Bunny hides eggs in gardens and parks.

Lets go to find the eggs!